Customized Turn Table

We study your situation to provide a suitable product

Our consistent service, design, manufacturing and installation enables us to fulfill unique orders. ISB Turn Tables are high quality and have the benefit of our working with various companies around the world.

All of our knowledge regarding technology, production-methods, installation-methods, are reflected in our recommendations. We have the capacity to deal with any requirement.

Our experience (example)

φ1916 6ton For Manufacturing line
φ2000 2ton With carriage
φ3500 15ton With rail For direction change
φ4000 1ton For laser machining Circumferential velocity 70m/min
φ5000 7ton For design evaluation of automobile
φ6000 5ton For inspection of automobile
φ6000 7ton With roller conveyor For an equipment in airport
φ6710 2.8ton For stage set
φ8000 10ton Indexing Table large size Production line
φ12000 20ton Turntable top plate For inspection Ministry of land and infrastructure safety R&D center

Examples of customized turntables